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Medical Massage

Our Medical Massage Treatment is therapeutic bodywork specifically designed to treat those that have been prescribed massage therapy by a physician. We address such things as treating chronic or acute soft tissue injuries associated with repetitive use or trauma due to such things as on-the-job or motor vehicle accidents. This treatment is billed through your insurance carrier*.

*You will find a list of insurance carriers for which we are preferred providers under the "Policies" tab.

Wellness Massage

Our Wellness Massage Treatment is Swedish based and is ideal for overall relaxation, improved circulation and relief from muscle tension. Each treatment is individualized for your specific needs and requests. Whether it be an all over full body therapy treatment or a therapy treatment specific to one or two areas of the body, we are here to help facilitate relief and relaxation.


60 minute treatment . . . . . . $90.00

90 minute treatment . . . . . . $135.00

Aromatic Massage

Our Aromatic Massage Treatment is similar to our Wellness Massage, with the difference being the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA essential oils. Each treatment is tailored to the individual and their specific therapeutic needs and wants. Together we will choose the essential oil(s) used throughout the treatment to help deliver the optimal results and highest level of relaxation and stress relief.

60 minute treatment . . . . . . $95.00

90 minute treatment . . . . . . $140.00

Nutritional Therapy

Coming Spring 2022

Wellness Affliates & Partners

Synergy Wellness Studio has many wellness practitioners within our community that we are happy to support and share with you. If you need help finding a local reputable, and trustworthy Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Energy Healer/Reiki Master, Chiropractor, Counselor, Yoga Studio, Hair Stylest or Esthetician please ask or use the link to the right. We would love to share with you those amazing providers in which we have built lasting relationships.

Synergy has also partnered with a wonderful essential oil company to be able to offer you the highest quality products on the market today. DoTERRA is the creator of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, the purest and highest quality essential oils offered on the market today. Both companies have done extensive scientific testing to see that their products they produce are genuine, and pure. Please ask us or click on the logos to the right for additional information on either Younique or doTERRA CPTG* oils if you'd like to try them or learn more about the products available. (*Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)

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